Images of my imagination

The 10 images of my imagination There are many more than ten images; I don’t think I can cull it any more. These were for the most part, taken by my iPhone; some are extra photos from the photo shoot. I see things in a different way, sometimes a close up view of something simple becomes infinitely interesting. Another look and the whole panorama is awe! I find everyday people and odd moments are a event that changes everything! I also cannot be pinned down to one style or fashion, I skim about trying and experimenting with life and ideas, there are few I keep forever. This adventure based life keeps me in a consistent state of anticipation for the next.

Palace gate
Ice with Ice...
Mine NO... Mine!
theatre stairs... fantasy in gold.
my precious...
The eye with sunglasses filter...
Cheery blossoms at the castle.
Roses for sale outside of Liberty of London.
columns in front of the museum.
Window fab... 
shot prep for photo shoot.
Hillsong church Easter.
road in Scotland...SLOW
beauty is work.
Yummy! curry
The perfect couple on the tube.
going into a tunnel on my way to Scotland.
Rain in London.
Church Easter London!
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