Nine expressions To tell the truth is the best, so here it is unvarnished. I had about 5 hours to pull this fashion shoot together. Because of a virus and the time squash, this was not the shoot I had intended. My original idea included a line of clothing and a model that understands fashion and had experience. She called the morning of the shoot with food poisoning and could not reschedule because of her pre booked holiday in France the next week. I was in a panic. As I racked my brains, I recalled a friend who had just purchased a Kilt in Scotland earlier in that week, she was tall and thin and very cute. I called to see if she would model for me, she agreed. We had few props, and with only a few hours to plan, I decided to push on through. I have been thinking that almost any model should be able to evoke feelings and display various emotions given the proper instructions. Models are like actors who portray feelings and ideas with just their face, or face and body language. A model should be able to pass this moment to his or her face and then with skill of the photographer, it should be caught within that moment. In these photos I worked to describe to her how she should feel what she should be thinking. The idea is that ‘cute’ is easy; it is all the other emotions that are work. Many people are able to hide their feelings and in doing so they lie to all around them. In many walks of life this skill of hiding is necessary for self-protection. For the purposes of photography and to tell a story the emotions must be visible on the face. I think that she was really good at interpreting my instructions and we had a lot of photos at the end of the day. When I was reviewing them on the camera screen they all looked good and in focus. However, when I got home with them and saw them on the computer screen many were out of focus or washed out white to the point of overexposure. I worked on them for quite some time with Photoshop, cropped and adjusted the lighting, and color balance. Some of my favorite photos were unusable. I am pleased that I was able to rescue some of them to the point of having enough for my nine photos. Joy, flight, exasperation, swearwords you, Chaos on the way, meeting a friend, hello there! What are you looking at? Thinking it over and mad at you! Were the expressions I intended! I believe that the model was able to interpret and display those emotions and for the most part the photographer was able to catch those feelings in digital image. School bag, 15 , Spatial fields market, London Kilt, 69 , Mill Edinburgh, Scotland Top and sweater models own Shoes 45 , Nordstrom, Austin TX Wings, 10 , The Soho Costume shop, London Chaos Sweater, 10 , Top Shop, Oxford Street

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